The Russo’s Family Promise

August 5, 2022

The Russo’s menu is driven by the growing demands and trends in the wellness community, using powerful and nutritional ingredients. That’s what separates us from the rest.

Today, many of the national pizza chains place emphasis on cost saving at the expense of quality. Some national chains have even publicly admitted to serving poor quality ingredients on their pizza. Next time you’re placing an order, just ask the simple question, “Is your pizza sauce made from scratch?” You’ll be surprised at the answers!

In the Russo’s kitchen, we use all-natural ingredients to prepare our pizza with quality toppings that contain no nitrates or additives. We personally select the finest ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, all natural flour and 100 percent mozzarella cheese. Our fresh, from-scratch pizza concept is constantly catching the attention of consumers, the community and investors alike. The numbers speak for themselves: with 32 operating locations and more than 28 in development, our franchisees recognize the uniqueness of Russo’s concepts.

In fact, Russo’s is expanding into new markets and growing in existing ones as well. We plan on opening 22 units in the Texas market alone. Plus, current franchisees have plans to expand to second and even third locations.

“If it isn’t fresh, don’t serve it,” is the simple Russo’s family promise that drives our franchise success.

With more than 30 years of experience in restaurant management and ownership, Russo’s Restaurants has perfected the classic Italian dining experience, and the brand is making it easier than ever to get started on this exciting journey. For franchise information, please contact Russo’s at nypizzeria.com/franchise.

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